Hey there busy bees, working too much? Take some time off!
This post is especially for you. Only because we care for your health and wellbeing while you are at work (the place where you spend most of your time). Sitting at a desk for longer hours can have an adverse effect on your health; a list of ailments such as weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, HBP, and other chronic conditions. We don’t mean to scare you, but it’s true as per research.
Struggling to attain success at the expense of your health? What’s the point? Fret not, there’s always a solution.
An easy way to start: simply move your body a little more during the workday (even while you are at your desk).
We have put together a few easy, desk-friendly flexibility exercises; stretches that will help prevent stiffness, any kind of injury that may arise due to prolonged sitting, and most importantly it’ll keep you active. The more you move, the better you’ll feel.
Ready, steady, stretch out your muscles…. (Refer image
Chest Stretch
Clasp hands behind lower back. Push chest outward, and raise chin (make sure your chin is up). Hold for 10 to 15 seconds.
Hand Stretch
Place both your palms on your desk and push your chair behind. Slowly and steadily, move your palms ahead and feel the stretch.
Arm Stretch
Clasp hands together above the head with palms facing up toward ceiling. Push your arms up, stretching upward. Hold for 2 to 3 deep breaths.
Triceps Stretch
Flex those muscles folks! Raise one arm and bend it so that your hand reaches to touch the opposite shoulder blade. (Can’t reach it? It’s perfectly fine). Use your other hand and pull the elbow toward your head.
Hold for 2 to 3 deep breaths or simply hold for 15 seconds. Repeat on the other side.
Wrists and Fingers Stretch
You might Office jobs mostly have us doing a lot of things, like typing and texting. That’s why hand and wrist stretches like this one are so important! Siting, extend your arm out in front of you with your palm facing forward and your fingers pointing straight up. With your other hand, gently pull back your fingers. Repeat the stretch with your other hand. Hold the stretch until you feel the tension release.
Shoulder Stretch
Hold your arms straight in front of you, palms clasped. Pull your arms ahead, stretching it ahead. Hold for 2 to 3 deep breaths or simply count till 10 in your mind.
No matter how busy you are, make it a point to take few minutes out to stretch, breath and simply relax. Trust us, you’ll feel really, really feel good, good enough to give your best at work.
P.S We suggest you set an alarm on your phone to remind you “it’s flex time”. You can thank us for this later 😉
Until next time, take good care of yourself 🙂

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