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Stop Making These Concealer Mistakes NOW!

Hello #BGStars, hope you all are doing great! We all know how crucial the concealer is in every girl’s makeup kit, right from hiding those raccoon eyes from late-night Netflix binge-watching to covering up your acne scars from monthly breakouts, blemishes and so much more. But sometimes, we can go completely wrong while using it, either we are using the wrong shade or have smeared so much to hide imperfections. Guilty of making these mistakes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Below we’ve listed some major concealer mistakes you might be making and the easy way to eliminate them—nothing complicated we promise. Do check it out!

Mistake 1: You’re not using the right shade.

Tip: Find your right shade by clicking the shade finder tab on

Mistake 2: You’re skipping primer!

Tip: Primer helps ‘set the stage’ for long-lasting makeup. Use Bollyglow’s nourishing and sun protecting Bolly Prime Time CC Primer as your base for long-lasting, flawless makeup application no matter where the day takes you.

Mistake 3: You’re only using one shade.

Tip: Opt for a lighter shade concealer for your under eyes & match your concealer to your foundation for blemishes, dark spots, or age spots on your face. Did you know, different parts of your face have different needs, hence makes sense to have two shades in your makeup kit. Bollyglow has a variety of concealer & foundation shades perfect for the indian skin tone. Check out Bollyglow’s Selfie-Ready Conceal + Correct Duo & Filmi Foundation and choose your match now!

Mistake 4: You’re using too much concealer.

Tip: To avoid a cakey face, apply only as required! Less is more, and trust us you only need less concealer than you think.

Mistake 5:  You’re skipping the correcting step!

Tip: Colour correct problem areas on your face-dark circles, redness, acne scars, discolouration with Bollyglow’s 2-in-1 corrector (masala) on one side & your perfect shade concealer on the other.

Mistake 6: You’re not blending properly.

Tip: Blending is key, either with your fingers, a makeup blender or a proper brush. It’s best to use a small, flat concealer brush to get the best blend possible. Time to invest in a good set of makeup brushes #BGStars.

Mistake 7: You’re not setting with powder.

Tip: Setting powder ‘seals the deal’ and locks your look in place.

Get your conceal & correct game on point by avoiding a few mistakes and you are good to go beauties. Shop primer and your perfect shade concealer & foundation on, and make the most of the combo offers—Buy concealer & foundation @1790 and primer & foundation @1990. 


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Why Beauty Bloggers Love #BGFace Products!

Makeup essentials that your favourite beauty influencers swear by. Check out why! Scroll down & read what they have to say about Bollyglow’s face products—Bolly Prime Time CC Primer, Selfie-Ready Conceal + Correct Duo & Filmi Foundation? Praises, Praises & only praises! Well, that’s what Bollyglow products do to you, you got to try it to believe it ladies.

“The packaging of Bollyglow products is very lit & I love the vibe of this brand! I am in love with the Prime Time CC Primer because of the sheen and dewy finish. The concealer has shades suitable for every Indian skin tone and offers fabulous coverage; the Filmi Foundation is available in 7 shades and glides on smoothly, the best part is that it doesn’t feel patchy at all!” –@mahhimakottary

Bollyglow Filmi Foundation is super light-weight, good coverage (medium to full). Also, it did not crack as I was wearing it during my flight back home. I did not powder my face, so maybe it performs even better with some setting powder on top. (Also love the packaging as it’s really easy to carry)” –@thechiquefactor

“The Bollyglow Filmi Foundation comes in 7 shades. My shade is butter, I tried it on myself, they are very easy to blend, non-cakey and very sheer.”  –@makeupbyfatimasoomar

“I have used @bollyglow Prime Time CC Primer and I’m Absolutely in Love with it, it helps makeup last longer, provides smooth & even skin tone and is suitable for all skin types.” –@miaaa_7

“Tried this primer for the first time from @bollyglow. A cream based primer that was non-greasy and gave a foundation finishing to my skin. It is soft as velvet and blends very well. It is good for all skin types and any skin color. My overall makeup turned out to be fabulous!” –@missfashioncupid

Bolly prime time CC primer by @bollyglow is formulated without parabens, covers pores, non-greasy and cream based. Good for all types of skin. The best part is that it also provides sun protection! This one ensures makeup lasts longer and equally gives a foundation finishing to skin.” –@itx_dimple

“I tried the @bollyglow Selfie-Ready conceal and correct duo butter to highlight and cocoa to contour. The corrector (masala) is fabulous to cancel out undereye darkness or hyperpigmentations on skin.” –@rizytutorial

“The radiant creamy  Selfie-Ready corrector + concealer duo is a saving grace duo and my recent favourite; it comes in 6 different shades and is perfect to get flawless-looking skin in an instant.” –@ojasrajani

“A perfect base to my makeup looks”
“I use the tinted Prime Time CC Primer with one dab of foundation for a natural everyday work look and build it up for an outing.” –@makeupandhairbychandnisahu

“The Prime Time CC Primer is very smooth and the Filmi Foundation sets on my combination skin so well, and does not get cakey even after 2 hours. The Selfie-Ready correct + conceal duo is my favourite as it covers all my dark circles and hyperpigmentations so well.” –@ash_sidana

#BGStars, if you haven’t used Bollyglow’s Bolly Prime Time CC Primer, Filmi Foundation or the Selfie-Ready Conceal + Correct Duo, then it’s time you ought to! Visit NOW and explore a plethora of innovative & quality makeup options. Plus, njoy enjoy FLAT 50% OFF across the entire website!

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Try This Look For Your Next #WFH Zoom Meeting!

Hey there favourites!!! We’re all in this #WFH situation (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) right now—you may or may not like it but you got to accept it girl that’s how it’s going to be for the next couple of months at least we hope. Work from home calls for a Zoom meeting video call or two during the week and you don’t want to look like you just woke up from sleep, do you? Absolutely not! You want to look upbeat & professional. As long as you have a few key products in hand, we are here to help you put together a polished yet effortless look within minutes. Thank us later.

#BGStars, build your work from home look with #Bollyglow everyday face essentials you’re going to love, trust us! This makeup routine will just take about 5 minutes—it’s that easy!

Step 1: Correct & conceal under eye circles & blemishes in a jiffy.

Selfie-Ready Conceal + Correct Duo

Step 2: Add a bit of this CC primer in your Filmi foundation for dewy, luminous skin.

Bolly Prime Time CC Primer + Filmi Foundation

Step 3: Flush it up with a clear lip gloss and radiant, cheeky glow using a touch of blush and highlighter.

Bollybar Blush & Glow Strawberry Mojito + Raw Footage Mini Lip Gloss

Step 4: Line, fill brows & set it for a natural, polished look.

BollyBrow Shape & Set Brow Pencil

Shop these Bollyglow products on right away! The best part? There are some exciting combo offers and FLAT 50% OFF on all the products across the website at the moment. Why wait! Visit now and make the most of it; explore beauty at its best 🙂

Try this look yourself and let us know the experience in the comments below.

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4 Steps To Feel Good & Look Gorgeous #AtHome!

Hey #BGStars, working from home during this pandemic & social distancing can be quite mundane. What is the one way to feel good and get into a productive mindset? We believe  at first, change into a good pair of comfy clothes the first thing you get up in the morning and second try this super simple no-makeup makeup routine that keeps you polished & put together from the neck up in no time! So whatever you’re up to—attending a WFH conference video call, running errands or cooking your favourite dish you’ll look good doing it, trust us. Ready to feel professional, motivated & beautiful @athome ladies? We are!

Simply follow 4 easy steps below and look & feel great ladies. Check it out!

Step1: Moisturize 

Bolly Prime Time CC Primer

Smooth on this nourishing colour correcting primer for radiantly refreshed skin…and don’t forget your neck.

Step 2: Conceal & Perfect

Selfie-Ready Conceal + Correct Duo

Spot conceal blemishes, discolouration & dark circles with this full coverage corrector + concealer that doesn’t look cakey.

Step 3: Glow-getter! 

Bollystrobe Liquid Highlighter (Pearl)

Use it alone or mix it with primer & fake a sun-kissed glow on your face.


Step 4: Shape & Set it!

Bollybrow Shape & Set Brow Pencil 

Get naturally fuller brows that will have your friends/colleagues wondering you woke up like this.

To get this look, shop these makeup essentials from Bollyglow at The best part? Get 50% off on all the products across the website, plus a 1000 Rs. Voucher FREE*. Shop your favourite makeup right away.

Happy Shopping!



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Taurus Makeup Style—Top 5 Beauty Tips For Those Born Under This Sign!

#BGStars its Taurus season, so if you’re born between 20th April and 21st May, then this beauty blog is for you. Taureans are known for their feminine, yet strong persona. Based on a little know-how about your stars and personality, the Taurus girl is quite edgy and certainly does have an eye for beauty. We’ve enlisted a few beauty tips & trends to boost their beauty routine.

What are the top beauty tips for Taurus babes? Find out below.


For you Taurus girl a gorgeous, defined eye makes a lot of difference to your overall makeup look. Hence, opt for a little cuter, feminine flick that’s short rather than the bold, dramatic one. You can achieve this with Bollyglow’s Monday Blues Shadow Liner or The Precision Pen Eyeliner in Film Noir to help you outline your flick well.


Pink colour suits you so well, both bright and softer pink hues especially the paler pinks, makes you glow and look prettier. A pink blush on cheeks, a rosey pink for your lips is oh-so-lovely! We suggest, Bollyglow’s Bolly Blushbar in Strawberry Mojito for pinkish cheeks and the Rebel Lips Lipstick in Lust (Rose Pink) is a fabulous combination to portray your girly side.

NOTE: Buy any rebel lips + 1 Bolly Blushbar for Rs.1500/-, it’s a special bundle offer we have just for you. Check it out!


Since you are drawn to pastels whether in fashion, beauty, or homeware, we suggest you try a new pastel colour—lavender. Already stocked up with pastel everything but your eye makeup? For a new twist, embrace the trend by experimenting with this super attractive pastel colour eyeshadow palettes. Bollyglow’s 9 Eyeshadow Palette in On Set contains everything you need.


Since you’re the dependable one, when it comes to your makeup bag you’ll have all products that you can count on and won’t disappoint you. If you haven’t already, and you’re in need of a new foundation that matches your Indian skin tone, check Bollyglow’s Filmi Foundation in 7 shades. To know your shade, visit and click on the “Shade Finder” tab. It’s so amazing for your skin, you’ll keep coming back for it. Trust us!


Whatever the occasion, special or not you’re always on top of your game to make an impression. We like it! Embrace the trend for bold, bright eye looks and invest in the 9 Shade Eyeshadow Palettes in Award Night, On Set & Behind The Scenes to create unlimited eye-catching looks.

It’s your time to work a truly gorgeous makeup style! What are you waiting for?

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Your Concealer Can Do Way More Than Just This!

What’s a concealer used for? To conceal those pesky dark circles and pimples, ofcourse! Well not really #BGStars, a concealer can apparently do a lot more than just this. You’ll be amazed! And the best part? Having more than one concealer is not a waste at all after all. Put them to use in your daily beauty routine, we show you how.

We’ve enlisted a few concealer tips, tricks and hacks that can totally help you enhance your looks in a jiffy. Thank us later 🙂

Prime your eyelids with concealer

Dab a tiny bit of Bollyglow’s Selfie-Ready Correct + Conceal Duo which is a long-lasting concealer on your eyelid to sweat-proof and oil-proof your eye makeup

Hide eyeliner mistakes with concealer

Dip Bollyglow’s 3-in-1 eye makeup brush, the angled brush into concealer and clean up any jagged lines from doing the winged liner. A lot better and easier than removing it altogether & starting again! No way!

Line your brows with concealer

Last minute party plans and your brows need a quick fix? Define your well-defined arch by lining above and below your brows with a slim concealer stick in your hand that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone. Mask out unwanted hair strands and highlight that arch!

Contour with two shades of concealer

Contour like a pro with two concealers, one should be two shades darker than your skin tone, and the other should be two shades lighter. Make sure to use the lighter shade around the areas of your face like your cheekbones and T-zone and the darker shade in softer areas like your forehead and jawline. Blend it well with a buffing brush for a smooth, natural finish.

Plump your lips with concealer

Start by filling in the middle section of your lips with a light concealer and blend it with your fingertips. Finish off with a clear gel lipgloss like Bollyglow’s Mini Lip Kit in Raw Footage.

Line your collarbone with concealer                     

Shrug your shoulders & draw a thin layer of light-coloured concealer on your collarbone, then trace it with a concealer that’s two shades darker than your skin tone.

What are you waiting for? Find your shade-Butter, biscuit, wheat, chai, honey & cocoa on and shop the ones you need for your different beauty routine needs.

Don’t worry, we will ship orders soon after the lockdown period is over. Happy Shopping!

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Holi Beauty Hacks—Must Read!

Rang Barse #BGstars! Holi is here, and we hope this festival is a glamorous one for everyone out there. Holi parties are known for their glitz. And like every year, this year too you want to look your best. Have you’ll picked your clothes & decided what makeup? Most of you’ll might have already, but for those who haven’t we are here to help-simply throw on something white and as far as your makeup is concerned remember to keep it fun & peppy. You gotta’ match it with the festive, colourful mood. Get set & ready to rock your best self. Just a few simple hacks to keep in mind before you head out.

Here’s how you can up your glam quotient this Holi.

Let’s focus on three main features!


During Holi, there is a tendency your skin is prone to rashes & breakouts because of the harsh chemicals in the colours. To avoid this, just make sure to moisturize and apply a base that matches your skin tone. Use a hydrating primer & foundation like Bollyglow’s Prime Time CC Primer & Filmi Foundation in 7 shades to protect your skin from colour damage. Doing so will create a barrier between your skin and the harmful colours, preventing it from damage.


This Holi, experiment with colours for your eye makeup. Use attractive shades of green, purple, blue or any colour in contrast to your outfit, pick any bright hue that will reflect the spirit of the festival. If you like it simple, use an eye shadow in neutral tones or line your eyes with a basic black eyeliner. Colour yourself pretty this Holi-make use of a water resistant & smudge proof coloured eyeliner for that instant pop in your eyes. Try Bollyglow’s Idoleyez Precision Pen Eyeliner to create a dramatic wing or a simple stroke.


Apply a lipstick that will make you stand out and prevent your lips from drying-glossy or shimmery, you pick. But first, don’t forget to moisturize! Use lipsticks in tones of red or fuchsia. Smear a shimmery lipstick on your lips to match the festive mood and look irresistible when you enter that Holi party. Choose from Bollyglow’s 10 Rebel Lips Lipsticks in shimmery shades to amp up your Holi look this year.

What’s your makeup routine going to be for Holi? Tell us in the comments section below!

Happy Holi Everyone, Play Safe!


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Make-Up Tips That Work Well For Pisces Girls

Hey #BGStar, are you born between February 19th and March 20th? If yes, you’re a Pisces girl; you are known to be artists, expressing through creativity, you are kind, easygoing, generous, passionate & faithful. Your world is centered on fantasy and dreaminess. How lovely! So when it comes to make-up, ethereal looks work great for Pisces woman—you can opt for eyeshadows in subtle, stand out colours and a lil’ shimmer will just do the trick.

This Pisces season, here’s a few tips that will work best for you Pisces Girl, read below:


Water baby, since you are born under the water sign it makes complete sense that hydration is what you mostly look for when it comes to your beauty routine. A good thing for you, Bollyglow’s Filmi Foundation is enriched with Vitarose for hydration and the Bolly Prime Time CC Primer are perfect to attract moisture to skin and retain it for longer. Use these for rejuvenated skin #AllDayEveryday.


An artist like you deserves the best makeup brush just so that you can create eye-catchy beauty looks on a regular basis. For that, Bollyglow’s 3-in-1 eye makeup brush that has an angular and blending brushes (all in one) is all what you need; you can carry it anywhere and get creative whenever you wish.


Your love for pastels is eternal. Well, why not? Pastels totally have the power to add a refreshing touch to your makeup kit and overall look. Pick up Bollyglow’s Idoleyez Duo Eyepencil Eyeliner Purple Rain & Idoleyez Duo Eyepencil Eyeliner Aquawoman in lovely, mellow shades of lavender & light blue.


When your favourite beauty influencer has posted a super pretty makeup look on Instagram all you do is dream about having it. Let your dreams come true with Bollyglow’s 9 Eyeshadow Palettes –it comes in three different palettes with a variety of shades. Happy? Well, it just gives you a plethora of options to mix and match and create your most sought-after looks.


Your eyes are your best feature and using soft hues can add more appeal to your complete look. Bollyglow’s most-loved 9 eyeshadow palette On Set has a lovely shade of purple that is perfect for your eyelids. Purple symbolises everything about Pisces personality—your sensitivity, imagination and dreaminess. What are you waiting for? Shop this on and hit ‘add to basket’ right away!



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Use Blush To Perk Up Your Face—See How!

Beauty buff or not, when you hear the word “blush” you already know it is to be applied on your cheeks but what if we say you can apply it on the rest of your face-apples of your cheeks, across the bridge of your nose, under the cheekbones, around the jawline, lips and eyelids—WOW!

We show you how to pull off an easy look only with your blush & highlighter palette in hand.

Where to apply blush on your face for a natural glow?

Use blush powder onto your cheeks, and then brush the blush from the cheekbone up to the hairline using a loose synthetic brush. Bollyglow’s #BollyBlushBar in 3 shades will give you every reason to be happy—a simple tip when you apply it on your cheeks make sure to SMILE for better application.

Model wearing Bollybar Blush & Glow Strawberry Mojito

Blush will look lovely on your eyes as well. Just dab a little on your eyelid; blend it upwards towards the brow. Make sure to not concentrate all the powder next to your lash line—a big NO! NO! If you wish, separate the colour with a sleek black liner.

Model wearing Bollybar Blush & Glow Plum Liqueur

Take blush on your finger and dab it to the center of your lips, blending out. Finish off with a swipe of your favourite lip balm and you are good to go!

Model wearing Bollybar Blush & Glow Peach Bellini

Eyes, lips or cheeks, above all, don’t forget to blend it well.

Finish your look with a touch of HIGHLIGHTER
Use it on your cheekbones, cupid’s bow & front of your chin & eyelids for a lit-from-within, all over radiance. All you need is the #BollyBlushBar, one product for a vibrant looking face wherever you go and plus did we mention its travel-friendly!

Take a look what difference it can make to a girl’s face using blush & highlighter. Whoa!

Shop our Bolly Blush Bar – our all in 1 blush + highlighter duo now. Choose from the 3 shades available in Strawberry Mojito, Plum Liqueur & Peach Bellini on


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How To Not Go Cakey While Doing Makeup

Hey #BGStars, is cakey makeup one of your concerns? Yes or no, this blog is for anyone who loves to makeup and look pretty. As all you beauty buffs know, foundation is one of the most important beauty item in our makeup kit that can transform those raccoon eyes (due to all night Netflix binging) or blemish prone complexion in a jiffy. Only that it shouldn’t get all cakey. Cakey makeup can not only ruin your makeup but your entire look. Not what any of us want!

Thanks to a few simple application techniques and makeup hacks you can avoid a cakey makeup. Below find 7 important steps to make your look as natural as a second skin. Take a look!

How to Avoid Cakey Foundation Like a Pro:

  1. It’s Prime Time!

Before applying your makeup, make sure to cleanse your face well and then moisturize. Later apply primer that allows flawless and long-lasting makeup application. Wouldn’t it be great to have a primer that has moisturizing properties as well? 2-in-1 benefit! Bolly Prime Time CC Primer is one of our favorites to colour-correct fine lines, pores & give a luminous glow. Plus, it improves long term moisturizing & hydrates the skin as well. Super beauty buy this one!

Bolly Prime Time CC Primer

  1. Pick The Correct Foundation

Depending on your skin tone, select the foundation formulation. If you have oily skin, opt for an oil-free foundation that won’t clog the pores whereas those with dry skin, a creamy compact foundation is just what you need. Above all, you can never go wrong with a sheer, liquid foundation, whatever your skin type. Bollyglow’s Filmi Foundation is thin & buildable and less likely to cake over. All you need to do is work a pearl sized amount in thin layers on your skin to get your coverage.

Bollyglow’s Filmi Foundation

  1. Pick Your Perfect Shade

Selecting the right shade is so important. Why? Because using the perfect shade will feel like second skin. To select your true match, test out the color on your jawline and make sure you’re looking at it in natural light.

NOTE: After application, let your makeup set for a minute before moving onto other products to ensure it doesn’t get darker.

  1. Use The Right Makeup Brush

You might completely ignore the brush you use, thinking it’s just a brush anyone will do! But, the brush matters. The skin type you possess can determine the brush you ought to use. Look below.

Acne/Hyperpigmentation Skin-Flatter Brush

Even Skin-Fluffier Brush

FYI, your fingertips is the best tool for a truly flawless foundation look. The natural heat from the hands help melt the makeup every time you press the foundation into the skin.

  1. Less Is More

Dispense one pump or a pearl sized amount of foundation and apply product starting at the center of the face and blend out with fingertips to stay flawless #AllDayEveryDay. To prevent caking, dab a small amount of concealer on certain problem areas compared to heavy swipe of foundation on your face. If you want it natural, apply makeup where you only need it. That’s the key!

  1. Blend, blend, blend

No one likes a “Cake Face”. And one important step is proper blending. Start from the middle of your face and blend outwards, across the cheek to the jawline—areas that tend to be lighter than your face. If you wish, you can top up foundation throughout the day using your fingers, but just make sure to press the product gently into the skin. Sponges are also brilliant as they give you a more natural finish.

  1. Get, SET, Go

At last, once you are done with your makeup, set it up. ​If you have combination or oily skin, use a sheer dusting of translucent powder to set your look. For dry skin, a facial spray helps create the illusion that you’re not wearing makeup at all. Don’t skin this step ladies!

P.S Focus on the T-zone and under eye areas where it tends to look the most worn-down and cakey throughout the day.

Simply follow these steps and you’ll have people complimenting your skin, not your makeup. Cake-free makeup accomplished!