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Try This Look For Your Next #WFH Zoom Meeting!

Hey there favourites!!! We’re all in this #WFH situation (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) right now—you may or may not like it but you got to accept it girl that’s how it’s going to be for the next couple of months at least we hope. Work from home calls for a Zoom meeting video call or two during the week and you don’t want to look like you just woke up from sleep, do you? Absolutely not! You want to look upbeat & professional. As long as you have a few key products in hand, we are here to help you put together a polished yet effortless look within minutes. Thank us later.

#BGStars, build your work from home look with #Bollyglow everyday face essentials you’re going to love, trust us! This makeup routine will just take about 5 minutes—it’s that easy!

Step 1: Correct & conceal under eye circles & blemishes in a jiffy.

Selfie-Ready Conceal + Correct Duo

Step 2: Add a bit of this CC primer in your Filmi foundation for dewy, luminous skin.

Bolly Prime Time CC Primer + Filmi Foundation

Step 3: Flush it up with a clear lip gloss and radiant, cheeky glow using a touch of blush and highlighter.

Bollybar Blush & Glow Strawberry Mojito + Raw Footage Mini Lip Gloss

Step 4: Line, fill brows & set it for a natural, polished look.

BollyBrow Shape & Set Brow Pencil

Shop these Bollyglow products on right away! The best part? There are some exciting combo offers and FLAT 50% OFF on all the products across the website at the moment. Why wait! Visit now and make the most of it; explore beauty at its best 🙂

Try this look yourself and let us know the experience in the comments below.

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Show Your Love For MOM With These Beauty Picks!


Say it with Bollyglow! #BGStars this Mother’s Day skip the flowers/cards, find something exceptional for someone extraordinary like a few beauty essentials she’ll absolutely love. Don’t worry, we’ll help you select the best.

Show your love with these beauty picks!


A miraculous product like Bollyglow’s Bolly Prime Time CC Primer will help prepare her skin for  flawless and long-lasting makeup application. Thanks to the fluid texture that glides smoothly on the skin and evens out fine lines and pores while hydrating the skin. The ceramide-like amino acids in the product improves long term moisturising and protects skin from environmental hazards. She needs this one!


A palette with a blush and highlighter is the perfect go-to essential she needs. Take a look at Bollyglow’s Blush Bar in three different shades that is highly pigmented and offers instant glow. The highly rich silky texture melts on contact, and the blend-able lustrous pearl pigments give multidimensional shine. Infused with emollient that make application easy and give a smooth finish. This one is totally an “Add to cart” kinda’ gift!


A vivid, ultra-saturated lipstick that offers high-shine and a glitter finish is a must, especially for all the parties and wedding ceremonies. Available in ten shades, Bollyglow’s Rebellips lipsticks are weightless and have a creamy texture that glides on like satin and gives coverage with one stroke. She’ll thank you for this guaranteed!

Special Offer For You: Buy 1 Rebellips Lipstick + Blushbar for Rs. 1500/- only on Bollyglow website. Make the most of this offer!


Bollyglow’s 2-in-1 pencil & brush is perfect to shape, define and fill in brows; the angled tip allows building and shaping and the spoolie brush with clear gel comes in a flexible formula to groom brows to perfection. The chiseled, retractable eyebrow pencil glides smoothly to create natural, hair-like strokes, making sure your mom’s eyebrows are on point always just how she liked it.


A stunning set of three mini lipsticks that tint in subtle nudes, ravishing reds & pretty pinks. These mini lippies come in matte, crème & glossy textures, your mom can choose her favourite and you can keep the rest if you like. It’s a full paisa vasool buy for your MOM & yourself!

Special Offer Just For You: Buy any 2 Mini Lip Trio Kits & get 1 FREE on

Don’t worry, we’ll ship orders as soon as the lockdown period is over.


Still confused about what to give her, don’t stress let her decide! Make your MOM smile by gifting her Bollyglow’s Beauty Gift Card online on




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7 Different Ways To Use Your Lipstick

Hey beauties, with the entire Covid-19 crises and the use of a mask made compulsory, you may/may not want to bid your lipsticks goodbye. Tough choice! Well if you do plan on getting rid of them, we suggest you don’t! Throwing it away would be wasteful really without knowing what else that bullet of colour could be used for other than your lips.

What if we tell you lipsticks can be used as other types of cosmetics and as a pen too (write a love note on mirrors or tissues in lipstick), moreover your lipsticks have always been the best friend you’ve had in your makeup kit all this while. You just have never appreciated them enough! #BGStars gear up to get all DIY with your lipsticks.  Here are different ways to use your lipsticks that have nothing to do with your lips.

Take A Look…


Don’t have a blush bar at hand, no problem. Get a hold of your lipstick instead—this is a #throwbackhack to swipe your finger over the lipstick and blend it on your cheeks in a circular motion. Bet your grandma used to do it to get that rosy cheek.


Using your lipstick as an eyeshadow is the best and most effective trick ever. Why? Lipstick eyeshadow tends to last longer than the real deal and looks fabulous too!


Red matte lipstick as a corrector is approved, so give it a go. Just when you are running out on your corrector, reach for your red lipstick and apply under and around your dark eye circles with a concealer brush. If need be, you can apply it on other dark spots and blemishes. Just remember to not apply too much of the lipstick because it might be difficult to cover up with concealer in the next step.


#BGStars, contouring can be tricky with a contouring stick so if you are not too confident then go easy on this trick. Try it at home first, start from the center of your forehead, down the side of your face, through to just beneath the cheekbones but not past the edge of the eye, and then down the side of the bottom half of the face to the chin with a brown lipstick (or nude lipstick) that’s a couple shades darker than your skin tone. The key to nailing it is blending away well or this could turn into a disaster, not something any of us want. No harm in giving it a try.


Yes, you read that right. This trick is amazing especially when you don’t want to spend too much money. Get the shade you’ve been dying to wear by simply mixing up a few lipstick shades in different textures if you wish. Try it out, now is the perfect time to experiment ladies. We suggest use a matte formula first with the help of a lip brush when you decide to combine different textures of lipsticks.


Looking to keep it subtle & add sheen on your lips and on a budget? Don’t buy another gloss. Make your lipstick shine with a dab of Vaseline or coconut oil.


Lastly, your highly saturated red lipstick works great as a pen! Leave a note for your hubby/boyfriend on the mirror or tissue this #lockdown with the help of a lipstick! We think it’s pretty glamorous, yet romantic. Plus you anyway have enough lipsticks to waste to use it as a pen, don’t you? Was that a nod?

Don’t forget to check out Bollyglow’s exciting range of lipsticks on Incase you like any, go ahead buy them! Don’t worry, we will ship orders soon after the lockdown period is over.



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Makeup Tips For The Aries Girl!

#BGStars, are you born between March 21-April 19 then you belong to the aries fam! Whether you’re really into horoscopes or not, we suggest you read this just for fun sake. Based on a little know-how about your stars and personality, we’ve enlisted a few beauty tips & trends you can incorporate to bring out the best in you. Just give it a try, we know how much you love to try something new and experiment.




Read on to find out more.


Aries, we have the perfect beauty trend to match your outspoken, playful and forever experimenting personality. A bold graphic liner or a bright red lippie is the best bold statement for this fire sign. Bollyglow’s Mini Lip Kit in Thriller is a perfect pick when you’re in need of extra thrill or confidence boost. A coloured winged liner is another way to grab the attention of someone who is as spontaneous as you!


You certainly don’t like to waste too much time on one thing because you have so much on your plate already. Hence, you take it up as a challenge to complete any task in a short span of time. And your makeup, you’d prefer to do it on-the-go rather than spending ages at home, so Bollyglow’s 9 Shade Eyeshadow Palette Behind The Scenes in warm shades + a 3-in-1 makeup brush will allow you to do multiple bright eye makeup looks in a jiffy.


Variety is truly the spice of life, you abide by this sincerely aries girl. You dive headfirst into trends and challenges, so you like to be ahead of every beauty look on Instagram, beauty product launch, etc. Right now, Bollyglow has launched a super innovative product called the Bollyblushbar that has a highlighter & blush in one palette & a mirror too. Add it to your cart – you’ll be one of the first.


Whether it’s a party or wedding, you can go glam real quick. It’s just you but what contributes to your immediate transition? Is your set of the right products and tools, and so girl, you’ll want to keep Bollyglow’s Bollystrobe Liquid Highlighter close to hand—it glams up any look in seconds.

Along with being temperamental, you are headstrong. Reflect this nature in your beauty routine by focusing on your brows. Bollyglow’s Bollybrow Shape & Set will help you to shape, define and fill in your brows to create a strong, polished look that will last.

Beauty Trend For the Aries Girl To Try:

A bright & bold lippe (Try Bollyglow’s Rebel Lips in Ego) & Glitter makeup-dab it on your eyelids on lips to stand out this season. We know you won’t shy away from flaunting this trend.


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Blush Application For Different Face Shapes

Hello Bolly Beauties, we have some interesting makeup insights to share with you all. Did you’ll know that depending on the face shape, blush application changes? The main purpose of applying blush is to accent your face, highlight your bone structure in particular. Hence, it’s important to do it strategically well. Before you learn to do that, let’s understand the different face shapes & later venture into the application bit. Ready?


If your face is long with prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin, you likely have a heart-shaped face.

Model (dusky tone) has used Bollyglow’s Bollybar Blush & Glow in Plum Liqueur

How To Apply: Start in a “C shape” from the top of the temple down to the cheekbone.

TIP: Use blush along the cheekbone, then blend it up towards the temple, brushing it in & upwards. Keep it minimal for a blended look.


If your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are all about the same width, you have an oblong face shape.

Model (medium tone) has used Bollyglow’s Bollybar Blush & Glow in Peach Bellini

How To Apply: Start from the apple of the cheek towards the nose and bring it out towards the temple.

TIP: Add a touch of blush on the forehead and the sides of the brows to bring the look together.


If your face has straight sides and a fairly flat jawline (think Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma or Dia Mirza), you have a square face.

Model (fair tone)  has used Bollyglow’s Bollybar Blush & Glow in Strawberry Mojito

How To Apply: Start from the lower cheekbone and move upwards, towards the corner of the brow…& then hairline.

TIP: Make sure the motion of your brush is long & light, & very softly sweeping it down from the eyebrow down to the nose.


If your cheeks are the fullest part of your face and you have a curved jawline, you have a round face.

How To Apply: Start from the apple of the cheek and up towards the temple and down towards the earlobe.

TIP: Don’t forget to look in the mirror and smile. And recommended to use a foundation brush and with medium-size strokes swipe blush.  


If your face is long with somewhat prominent cheeks, a narrower chin, and a narrow forehead, your face is oval.

How To Apply: Start at the cheekbone and bring down towards the earlobe & blend up towards the temple.

TIP: Add blush the slightest bit just above the temple, too, to even it out.

Shop our Bollyblush bar & glow in three different shades, Peach Bellini, Strawberry Mojito & Plum Liqueur—these have a blush + highlighter in one palette. Get yours on RIGHT AWAY!

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Use Blush To Perk Up Your Face—See How!

Beauty buff or not, when you hear the word “blush” you already know it is to be applied on your cheeks but what if we say you can apply it on the rest of your face-apples of your cheeks, across the bridge of your nose, under the cheekbones, around the jawline, lips and eyelids—WOW!

We show you how to pull off an easy look only with your blush & highlighter palette in hand.

Where to apply blush on your face for a natural glow?

Use blush powder onto your cheeks, and then brush the blush from the cheekbone up to the hairline using a loose synthetic brush. Bollyglow’s #BollyBlushBar in 3 shades will give you every reason to be happy—a simple tip when you apply it on your cheeks make sure to SMILE for better application.

Model wearing Bollybar Blush & Glow Strawberry Mojito

Blush will look lovely on your eyes as well. Just dab a little on your eyelid; blend it upwards towards the brow. Make sure to not concentrate all the powder next to your lash line—a big NO! NO! If you wish, separate the colour with a sleek black liner.

Model wearing Bollybar Blush & Glow Plum Liqueur

Take blush on your finger and dab it to the center of your lips, blending out. Finish off with a swipe of your favourite lip balm and you are good to go!

Model wearing Bollybar Blush & Glow Peach Bellini

Eyes, lips or cheeks, above all, don’t forget to blend it well.

Finish your look with a touch of HIGHLIGHTER
Use it on your cheekbones, cupid’s bow & front of your chin & eyelids for a lit-from-within, all over radiance. All you need is the #BollyBlushBar, one product for a vibrant looking face wherever you go and plus did we mention its travel-friendly!

Take a look what difference it can make to a girl’s face using blush & highlighter. Whoa!

Shop our Bolly Blush Bar – our all in 1 blush + highlighter duo now. Choose from the 3 shades available in Strawberry Mojito, Plum Liqueur & Peach Bellini on