Makeup Trends For Virgos!

It’s Virgo season!!! This month the focus is on you and your makeup, Virgo. Excited much? We are!

Let’s get to know her a bit; a Virgo woman is an ultimate combination of beautiful, intellectual and deeply creative. Not just this, she is a perfectionist and prefers things to happen in a systematic manner. Nodding in agreement, aren’t you flower child? She loves to keep things simple and emphasize on the little details which we think is amazing. Ever so practical and down-to-earth, her personality reflects in her makeup routine. She is all about “Less Is More” when it comes to her beauty regime. Thumbs up to that!

Those born under the Virgo constellation can rock a truly lovely makeup style! What are the top beauty trends for Virgo chics? Find out below.

Take A Look!

Perfect Shade Concealer/Foundation

Since she loves to put her fresh face forward always, the one cosmetic item she must own is a smooth, perfectly matched Bollyglow Selfie-Ready concealer or foundation cream. And top it up with minimal blush and a layer of mascara to bring out sheer elegance in the most effortless way. Talk about a natural, pared back beauty style!

Earthy Tone Eye Shadow Palette

We know she is someone who loves to keep up with the latest trends but wouldn’t try anything flashy and even if she did, she’ll find a way to pair them with safe classics. When it comes to eyeshadow, a palette like Bollyglow’s Award Night Eyeshadow will be perfect for a Virgo—it comprises of 9 on-trend dry, earthy shades like tan, brown, green, (neutrals & metallics). Her inclination towards muted tones is just what she requires to reflect her down-to-earth personality.

Nude Lipstick

Virgos aren’t the type to deck up as this zodiac prefers to portray a hardworking demeanor. The best way to define a pure and simple nature is with a clean nude lip (ditch the glossy!), perfect for everyday tasks and chores. To nail an au natural look try Bollyglow Send Nudes Matte Liquid Lipstick and you are good to go girl.

Brows On Fleek

We’ve mentioned this at the start and say it again, Virgo women are perfectionists! And when it comes to her beauty regime, she always pays attention to the smallest of details especially concerning her features-eyebrows and nails. Perfect your eyebrows and nails whenever with a pair of tweezers and a nail filer always at hand. #browsonfleek forever!

Manicured Nails

Apart from being systematic, she’s also incredibly neat and tidy, beauty or otherwise. Without a doubt, we know she’ll take a lot of effort to keep her nails clean. She swears by a perfect mani and will most certainly choose her lucky neutral, muted shades like nude, beige and white.

Go ahead, show everyone who’s Virgo by highlighting your true personality with zodiac-specific beauty trends that will only let you shine naturally.


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