Libra Girls: Zodiac-Inspired Beauty Tips Just For You!

Its Libra season and so we’re going to focus only on beauty that appeals to all Libran women out there. Librans are known to be romantic and charming, she embodies balance and harmony. With these characteristics true to her, she tends to bring a spirited yet relaxed approach to her beauty routine.

So if you’re born between 23rd September and 22nd October, we’ve shared a few beauty items and tips on how you can elevate your beauty routine. Take a look!



Being a Libran, you are known for your uniqueness. Hence, a graphic liner is totally your thing. Not just that, a graphic liner in blue specifically because you’re an air sign, and we know it you’re drawn to all things blue. Use Bollyglow’s Aquawoman Duo Eyepencil to create a bold black winged-eye with a hint of blue and pair it with mascara to make your eyes more prominent.


Balance is one of your key traits, libra. When it comes to a makeup look you prefer to stick to complementary colours that sync well with one another. Bollyglow’s 9 shade eyeshadow palette (Award Night) is specifically created with tone-matching powders to create a well-balanced result. With shades ranging from vivid blue to pastel coral and frosted gold, this palette is a must-have; use these to create neutral to megawatt eye looks in a jiffy. 



What’s great about you libra is that you like to stay loyal to one product when it comes to beauty. The whole idea of changing multiple beauty items doesn’t appeal to you. We know finding the right foundation or concealer shade is so hard, fret not, we’ve got you covered. Bollyglow’s selfie-ready conceal & correct duo works like a charm with any and every skin type, is available in six shade range. The best part? It has a corrector at the other end of the tube—perfect to reduce dark circles, puffiness, under-eye bags and fatigue. You’ll never look at something else. 


As a Libran, you have your favourite colours. What are those? Something soft and airy that brings a calming and relaxing feel to your personality. Your go-to lipstick is super easy and neutral. We suggest Bollyglow’s Raw Footage Mini Lip Kit in shades of nude and three textures—matte, gloss and cream.


Whether it is a smoky liner or bright yellow eyeshadow that’s currently trending, you are probably already aware. As the trendsetter of the zodiac, you can smoke out your lash line for a smoky eye effect this season. Try Bollyglow’s Monday Blues Shadow Liner which is a hybrid liquid liner that doubles up as an eyeshadow for a shimmery surprise.



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