How To Step Up Your Eyeshadow Game?

As much as you want to keep it simple with your eye makeup (black liner or maybe a coloured one for that extra oomph), the internet (Instagram & Youtube) does not allow you. Thanks to these beauty influencers and MUA’s online who are constantly innovating with makeup just so you look 10x prettier always, whatever the occasion. Watching a tutorial is one aspect but doing it yourself can get tricky, we understand.

Well, when it comes to your eyeshadow it’s not just adding colour to your crease. It’s more than just that, it takes some effort. Take a deep breath beauties, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve enlisted a few eyeshadow beauty hacks for you to keep in mind before trying it yourself. Trust us, you’ll be creating Instagram-worthy looks in no time.

Ready to step up your game? Take A Look!

Know The Types Of Eyeshadow

Pressed eyeshadows are the most common and are amazing for blending a variety of shades together.

Cream eyeshadows work best as a base colour for powder eye shadow, or for solid, single-color coverage.

Loose eyeshadows (shimmer) can be quite messy but are great for providing a pop of shine to your lid.

Get The Right Brushes

For proper application and blending of eyeshadow it is important to have the right tools. Get a large shadow brush to sweep on highlighter, a precision shadow brush to pack on the pigment and a fluffy blending shadow brush to create the perfect finish.

Invest In A Good Primer

Why we suggest this? Priming keeps your eye from creasing and prevents your eyeshadow from falling off. In case you don’t have one at hand, you can rely on a good foundation as well. We all want our makeup to last longer, so don’t skip this!

Tilt Your Head

When you are applying your eyeshadow, make sure to tilt your head up and look down into the mirror to see your crease clearly and control the colour.

Use A White Base

Apply white shadow to your lid to make bold colours pop.

Use Tape As Guide

With the help of a tape you don’t have to worry about precision. Create well-defined lines for your eyeliner and eyeshadow with this easy trick.

Learn What Shade Works Best For You

Blues eyes-Bronze, light purple, midnight blue & slate greys

Green eyes-Brown

Dark Eyes-Black, plum, pinks and blue

Create A Map

Not sure where to put the dark and the lights shades on your palette? Darker shades go closer to the lash line, medium goes in the middle and highlighting shades should be applied closest to the brow bone.

Use Shadow To Fill In Brows

Plucked too many hairs and need a little extra coverage? Take some of your dark shadow and fill in brows to bring your entire look together. Go ahead embrace the full brow trend.

Darker Shades To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Love, love this trick! Apply darker shadow to your crease to add more dimension to your eyes.

The # Hashtag Trick

The best method to nail the smoky eye or cat eye flick look (which we all love!) is drawing a hashtag in the corner of your eye, and smudge it out using a smudging brush. Apply more hashtags to make it darker.

Use Mascara As Eyeliner

You read that right. All you got to do is rub an eyeliner brush over the mascara wand and use the formula as a liquid liner. Savior!

Your eyeshadow can be the striking highlight of all your perfect looks. What are you waiting for? Stock up on a variety of palettes from our website and add some colour to your crease everytime you leave home.

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