Can You Use More Than One Foundation?

Hey #BGStars, did you know? We recently launched our latest #FilmiFoundations. Find your perfect match and get flawless, radiant-looking skin all day, everyday with the best base in town—our smooth, weightless & hydrating foundation that come in seven shades to match your skin tone. Take a look and in case you don’t find your match, you can mix and match two shades. You read that right, it’s absolutely fine to have & use more than one foundation. It’s beneficial! Care to know why? Read on….

1. Skin Colour Can Change With The Seasons
At first finding the right shade may or may not be the easiest for everyone. Agreed? Secondly, during the summer the skin tends to get a little darker and no matter what, you can’t escape it. Hence, it makes complete sense to have two shades which you can mix and match; this will let you have a shade when you’re at your palest and most tan. How convenient! Nonetheless, the two shades will get you through every season looking picture perfect. Bollyglow’s Filmi Foundations are enriched with Vita Rose, an ingredient from rose stem cell to promote firmer, more elastic and revived skin. Switching up your foundation in the summer and winter is the way to go!

2. You can contour and sculpt
For all the contour aficionados in the house, having two foundations is a must–a light and dark shade. Use the lighter shade on the center of your face and one shade darker to enhance bone structure in a not-so-prominent way, but give a natural finish. A good blend of two foundations can give you the shape and dimension you’ve always wanted to achieve. Try it to believe it!

3. A customized formulation for your skin type
We all have a different skin type-dry, oily, combination and this varies over time. For the drier areas of your skin, you may want to have a foundation that is matte and for the dry areas, especially your cheeks, a moisturising and hydrating foundation is required. Having two kinds of foundations lets you customize a base depending on how your skin feels on that particular day. Pretty cool huh? If this is too much of a hassle for you, then simply opt for a foundation that has a powder-matte finish and is hydrating as well. Bollyglow’s Filmi Foundation has all these properties. Let’s not forget the fabulous coverage it offers that you can forgo the concealing step if you wish.

Having more than one foundation in your makeup kit clearly has a lot of benefits. So if you haven’t got yours already, go shopping for your second favourite base in town. Don’t stress, we have got you covered. Check out our seven foundation shades—Wheat, Oat, Cinnamom, Chai, Cappuccino, Butter, Biscuit online at How many foundations do you own? Comment below.


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