5 ways to prep your skin for flawless makeup

Prep the canvas

The most essential part of a flawless makeup is clean skin. Wash away debris, excess sebum and dead skin cells with an exfoliating cleanser. A clean skin is a good start for a stunning makeup.

Skincare is the best primer
Don’t forget your skincare routine before applying your makeup. Use the right products for your skin type and pay special attention to problem areas. Treat puffiness, redness and breakout with products that will help with the problem at hand. Don’t ever skip your moisturiser as it ensures a healthy glow from within. Top it with your sunscreen if you’re heading out during the day. And pick up a primer that works best for your skin tone.

Pick the right shade
You may have heard this several times, and we’d like to repeat, using the right shade of foundation is everything! Your foundation should never be darker or lighter than your natural skin tone. To determine your exact shade, swatch along the lower jawline of your face down to the neck. If it disappears seamlessly into your skin, you’ve found your match. It’s a good idea to invest in two shades with slight variations to mix them for days you’re looking tanned.

Glow the natural way
A face doused in highlighter may look good on Instagram, but IRL too much shine can kill your look. The correct placement of highlighter is of utmost importance for a natural glowing look. You can dab some highlighter on the higher planes of your face such as top of the bridge of the nose, above the cheekbones and a little on the brow bone.

Keep contour subtle
Unless you are performing on a stage, it’s best to stay away from dramatic contours. When it comes to contouring, less is definitely more. For Indian skin tone, it’s best to stick to taupe shades rather than orangey.


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