3 Exercises To Jumpstart Weight Loss!

How many times have you wished to stay thin irrespective of the food you eat? Always, right? Well, sorry to burst your bubble nothing in life comes that easy. It sure takes serious effort to maintain a fit body and eventually good health. You either go on a crash diet or find an easy way out to shed off those unwanted pounds but the fact remains: Crash diets will only deteriorate your health; if you want to lose weight you got to burn those calories the hard way!

There are plethora of exercises you can incorporate in daily life to burn all that fat and build muscle, these include jogging, circuit training, biking, swimming etc. but we don’t want to swamp you with too many workout routines and have focused mainly on three easy-to-do exercises that will surely help you get in shape.

#BGstars if your aim is to lose weight in a healthy way, we suggest you incorporate these activities right away.

Get, set, go!


Bollywood’s most ecstatic actress and fitness enthusiast Jacqueline Fernandez on her instagram page posted the picture below with the caption “Running off the gelato and pizza from last night”. HA! HA! Running three days a week can surely help boost your metabolism and aid weight loss (it works your heart and lungs which is great!). The best part? It is a no-cost workout routine; all you have to do is find the right space outdoor and get going. Run girl run, your dedication will guide you…

Jacqueline Fernandez


Model-turned-actress and official waterbaby @lisahaydon loves the ocean and is quite the swimmer herself from what we see on her Instagram page. Talk about #fabbody goals! Looking to build muscle strength, flexibility and stamina? Swimming is an excellent sport for you. Not only this, swimming three times a week for half an hour will certainly help you reduce body fat. Every time you move against water, you are working on your muscle (arms, legs and core) which is just what we need. Entire body workout with one activity? I’ll take it!

Lisa Haydon


Yoga might be a slow process but what a wonderful way to work on your mind and body together. Yoga helps to calm the mind, but is also a great way to tone your muscles and get in shape. After all the long hours at work and the mental stress, stretches and a few deep breaths are so important. That feeling after a really good stretch, whoa! Bollywood beauty @malaikaarorkhan is a dedicated yoga practitioner and enjoys every bit of it; she often mentions that yoga has not only kept her healthy but also changed her perspective of life. WOW! She has been posting pictures of herself on Instagram doing different postures which only gives us major #fitnessgoals. We vote for yoga!

Malaika Arora Khan

Tell us which of the above will you integrate in your schedule? Already have a different workout routine? Share with us. Comment below.


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