15 genius hacks every girl should know!

The ultimate beauty cheat sheet that will ensure you look dazzling always!

1. Make your eyes look awake: While using white eyeliner is a common hack to make eyes look bigger, swiping a nude/ skin-coloured eyeliner on the waterline is even better as it looks a lot more natural.

2. Tame flyaways: Instead of spritizing setting spray directly onto your hair, spray it on a folded tissue paper and run it down your lengths to tame frizzy and unruly mane.

3. Blushing babe: Not sure where to apply your blush? A simple thumb rule to remember is to always maintain a two-finger width space between your nose and where the blush starts.

4. Hide scalp patches: Want to make your hair look denser and cover exposed scalp? Mix dark brown and black eyeshadow and apply it on the exposed area to give an illusion of a fuller mane.

5. Make your eyeshadow pop: Not happy with the payoff of your eyeshadow? Swipe concealer or white liner on your lids before applying your favourite colour to make it standout.

6. Get that chiseled look: Make a round face appear slimmer by wearing a topknot or a high ponytail at the crown.

7. No more chipped nails: Make dry and brittle nails stronger by massaging eye cream on the cuticles. This will provide hydration and keep it from chipping.

8. T-shirt hack: A perfect solution to keeping frizz at bay is by using a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel. Scrunch your hair gently with the tee and leave it on until dry to enhance the natural texture of your hair.

9. Fresh eyes in a jiffy: Liven up tired and fatigued eyes by applying a tad of petroleum jelly on your tear ducts.

10. Dry shampoo hack: Instead of using dry shampoo just before stepping out, apply it a night before. As you move in your sleep, the dry shampoo settles down and doesn’t leave any white marks. You wake up to voluminous non-greasy hair.

11. Pro tip before drinking sesh: Alcohol can play havoc with skin and cause serious dehydration. Avoid morning-after skin after a big night by slathering a rich hydrating cream before heading out. You won’t wake up to dull and fatigued skin.

12. Balance your eyes: A quick tip for people with close-set eyes is to apply a light coloured eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes to draw them slightly apart.

13. DIY gel liner: Gel liners are great when you’re looking for high payoff and rich pigment. Don’t have one? No worries! Just hold your eye pencil under the flame of a lighter for not more than 2 seconds, allow it to cool down and apply for gel liner effect.

14. Make manicures last longer: A simple tip extend the life of your manicure is by applying a clear coat every two-three days, especially to edges that tend to chip fastest.

15. Fix dried mascara: To revive dried mascara, add a few drops of saline water. But don’t forget to replace it every six to eight months to avoid eye infection.


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